Check your name is Lucky or Unlucky
As True as The Sun Rises in the East, Numbers Never Lie.  --Pythagoras
PS Nehhrru is a familiar face. We have seen him on many television channels advising people that with a slight correction in their name, their future is bound to change. Nehhrru is not another sooth sayer or a fortune teller trying to make money, he has indeed brought in immense transformation in the lives of people. Approach him with faith and you will return to him soon with tales of happiness in your life. Be it a film star, a politician, a businessman or an ailing sick person...they all have been his clients. His house is always teeming with hundreds of people and sometimes you wonder if he is some kind of a doctor with the big stream of visitors waiting for their chance to arrive, to meet him

Born in Mannavaram village, Srikalahasti mandal in Chittor, Nehhrru completed Btech in SV University in Tirupati, worked in BHEL in Ramachapudrama for 18 long years. He was an expert in the field of power stations designs and lay outs and was trained in different countries in high technology areas. Deputed in 1983 in Siemens to bring technology transfer to Hyderabad, for National Aluminum company he bumped into Swami Ranganatha who was invited to deliver lectures in Europe. He says, "I happened to listen to his speech and was deeply influenced and decided to do something for the people after I return to India, especially the people in my district. I purchasd a bit of land in my village , made my home and addressed the problems. I was watching the poor being harassed by the rich, casteism was deep rooted; when I supported the down trodden, I was viewed as the enemy of a certain section of the society. That sect of powerful people attacked my family and they were nearly killed but for the police who arrived on time. I wondered what wrong I had done and this set me thinking. I tried hard hunting a method to do something for the people, went through intense study of palmistry, astrology, face reading...found one book numbers of Cheiro, a 200 pages small book, there was something about it and by using this knowledge I decided to better people's lives. "

So whom did he experiment on for the first time after reading the book on numerology? "I tried it on myself. I changed my name from Shankaraiah to Sanjeevan Nehhrru. Next I put up a board at the entrance of my home, the results were immediate. That very minute a best contractor from Delhi approached me and requested me to give a portion of my land for their project. They had to encounter communists who put up red flags all over and stalled the work. A correction of the builder's company name was made and the work began immediately and it progressed smoothly. I realised it is divine power that was working out things. I began correcting the spellings according to numerology for the sick, for people who've suffered paralytic stroke, cancer and heart patients. By changing one aspect in the name cancer got cured. The unmarried got immediately, marital problems solved so on and so forth. I see a god in people who come to me, they approach me in a depressed state of mind and when they return they do with full confidence, ready to face the world."

He adds, "It gives me a lot of satisfaction. Lot of people say that God has chosen me to help them out and these people who come to me are from all walks of life. I had predicted on 18th November, Benazir Bhutto will be killed, on the 27th December she was killed. I said Pramod Mahajan would be shot by his own family member ten years back, it happened 8 years later. I foresee things, I predicted Congress would come to power and TDP will get only 47 seats to the Gemini news channel. On the day of counting at 8 am I was asked to predict, and I said firmly TDP will not form the government. The same with PRP, within ten minutes of announcing the Party name on 26th October, I declared it will get only 18 seats. PRP is 8 plus 2 plus 8 and 18 is an unlucky number. His Party will be merged or closed for good. Chiru has a number that is 12, it is a victim's number and he cannot become a CM, I told him that personally. When he joined Congress he became a central minister because the Party's name is good. "

"Eight years back I had written an article in Andhra Jyothi that Telangana will soon be a reality and that is the truth. It has a very good number but it cannot form a government on it's own. Sixty Three is the number of Andhra Pradesh, a destructive name, it is bound to be divided. I can give an accurate prediction only five months before the election and not before because of the alignments that are not proper. In 2006 I said Karunandihi will become the chief minister and the last election I predicted Jayalalitha's return. The satisfaction that I derived after I announced TDP will not get more than 47 seats was incomprehensible, a lot of well wishers told me not to predict as Babu's fans may harm me. Similarly on 28th July I said that Telangana is due any time. UPA governmnet has a destructive number. Hyderabad has a good number and it improved by leaps and bounds but the moment they added Greater to Hyderabad all has not been well. We saw Lumbini, Gokul, Dilshukhnagar etc. I have given representation to the governor, chief minister about the impending disaster but it fell on deaf ears.

16 is not a good number. If we remove the word Greater from Hyderabad, peace will reign and there will be all round prosperity. Seemandhra has a terrible number which is an indication of everything negative that will happen. Centre will not help Seemandhra, unless the spelling is corrected. There will not be any funds coming in for Seemandhra, in the coming days the entire place will have a 'nastam kastam'. Therw ill be 'ravanakashtam' soon, always. There will be no re construction be it ten years or twenty years."
Navitha Nehhrru holds a Bachelors degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering and has worked for over 10 years as a Senior Test Automation Quality Assurance Manager in the field of Information Technology for such clients as Bell South Cellular Corp, Cingular Wireless, ING, Bank One, JP Morgan Chase and Bear Stearns before resigning to her job in 2008. During her tenure in IT, She has worked on several man made automation projects and received several awards and cerifications. However she was always fascinated by the automated laws of universal intelligence more than man made tools. Navitha's father Mr. Nehhrru is a Mechanical Engineer and renowned numerologist in India. With his encouragement, Navitha took up Numerology as her full time profession and since 2008, Navitha has used all her technical skills background to automate programs and analyze about 0.2 million famous people while her dad has been a guiding light to her throughout her research.

Navitha's special passion is to understand the automated laws of universal intelligence and apply the secrets to make the world a better place to live by assisting individuals in captaining their destinies whether that means nurturing their relationships with their families, directing their focus to achieve their goals, relieving emotional and financial anguish, making profound contribution to their communities and country has encouraged her to take the essence of her extensive research and encapsulate it into a nut shell through this book named Power Of Numerology.

Dr. Kiirran Nehhrru S/O P.S.Nehhrru studied at B.H.E.L Ramachandrapuram. Bhavitha vidyabhavan and pressued M.B.B.S at S.V Medical college in Tirupati. Worked as Jr.Resident doctor at "SVIMS" for 2 years and also worked as civil Asst Surgeon in "PHC" (Primary Health Centre) at Nagalapuram (Vil), Chittore(Dist), during 2006-07 and 2007-11 in Govt Hospital at Molagavalli (Vil) Kurnool (Dist).

Has been trained under P.S.Nehhrru the Indian best Numerologist since 20 years. Now practicing as Numerologist since-2011 and his wife Dr. Choodamani working as Civil Asst Surgeon and blessed with two children.